Virtual Exhibitions
Virtual Exhibition Platform
to Create Online Exhibition Booths
It is possible to host various types of virtual events using innovative features such as online registration forms and webinars as well as online exhibition halls, and conduct customer database construction and propensity analysis with accurate post-event reporting and data analysis provided. Event X, a partner company of MEPS, is one of Asia's leading providers of digital solutions for event management, supporting more than 4,000 successful virtual events in more than 100 cities worldwide.
Virtual Event Solutions
Features Provided by Virtual Events

Virtual Exhibitions

Various virtual exhibitions that

meet the needs and purposes of organizations such as companies, associations, and institutions can

be hosted.

Hybrid Events

The virtual event platform

allows event organizers

/participants to show products

and services to customers

and communicate in real time.

Business Matchmaking Events

This enables attendees to network

directly with global entrepreneurs

and industry partners through just

few clicks.

Virtual Meeting Room

Additional advanced features

enable online meetings between

participants by creating virtual

conference rooms as well as virtual exhibitions.

Feature 01
Joining an Event

Prospective attendees or persons who wish to join an event can register by visiting the website prior to the event.

• Creating Pre-Promotion Events

• Customized Signup Forms

• Easy Online Registration

• Sending SMS/Email Updates to Registered Attendees

• Setting Event Countdown Timers

Feature 02
Dynamic Exhibition Lobby

A virtual main lobby can make your virtual event feel more alive.
A variety of templates attract the interest and attention of attendees.
It is also possible to set up banner displays and video screens to
promote your business to participating companies/organizations
and sponsors.

• Choosing from a variety of templates is possible.

• Using Video and Banner Displays

• Providing Backgrounds and Other Elements

• Creating a customized lobby is possible.

Feature 03
Online Exhibition Booths

Branded companies and other exhibitors can have customizable exhibitor booths at their events and showcase their products through multimedia such as e-brochures, posters, and videos.

• Providing a Platform for Brand Exposure, Sales, and Overseas Expansion

• Categorizing Types with Customized Tags for Exhibitors

• It is possible to search for specific booths using the search tool or filter function with detailed information.

• Providing Customized Individual Booth Designs

• Providing Online Exhibition Booth Dashboards and Data

Feature 04

The virtual booth is a place where event attendees can communicate
with the booth manager from anywhere, and where attendees can view
presentations and materials, make one-on-one calls, and chat with the
person in charge.

• Integrated Video Player

• On-Site Live Broadcast

• Private and Public Booth Chat Rooms

• Direct Messages

• Video Meetings

• Booths for Brands with Customized Templates

• Uploading Logos, Banners, Flyers, and Other Files

Feature 05
Virtual Stages

On the virtual stage, speakers, hosts, sellers, etc. can give presentations
to attendees remotely, and communicate with them directly through live
chatting, Q&A, and voting features. Presentations can be conducted live,
semi-live (mixed), or be pre-recorded. Attendees can also watch already
completed presentations through an on-demand viewer upon request.

• Continuous Attraction of Attendee Interest with the Event Agenda

• Starting Live Streaming with a Video Presentation 

• Attendees can watch the recording later on request.

• Live Chat Features 

• Q&A And Voting Features